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At RIYA AMBULANCE AND TRAVELS, we extend our professional services to support you in times of grief, the death of a family member or friend. We offer Ambulance Service in Urapakkam, Freezer Box Tambaram, Ambulance Service in Perungalathur, funeral services from A to Z for all religions and customs, starting with the installation of the main “Body Freezer Box” to preserve the deceased for the burial ceremony. The next important point is the complete funeral arrangements desired by the family members. We recently introduced special funeral vehicles designed for a Royal to send the on its final journey. We offer 5 models of high-tech funeral cars which we call Royal Farewell Funeral Cars with the concept of conducting the funeral in the most dignified manner. We place great emphasis on making all our services affordable and economical for the average person, thereby providing a premium service for everyone.

Our funeral services offer end-to-end assistance to help families mourn in peace


Our Commitment

Beyond meeting your current needs, we encourage you to build a relationship of trust. Trust, that means you will talk about us at the funeral, because just as you will continue to be here, so will we.

Knowledge of your traditions

We know and value your customs and expectations because we have served our community for more than decades. After grieving, you have to make many decisions and we are here to help and advise you.

Our Mission

Our whole desire is to focus on satisfying our customers needs. We are flexible and open to the needs of the moment. We are proud of our facilities, hearses, coffin, freezer, memorials and most of all our friendly staff from whom you expect a lot.

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